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Talk To Allah | Ayesha Syahira | IMAN Publication


When was the last time we really poured our feelings out to Allah?

We have been taught that the only time we can communicate with Allah is when we are making du’a to Him.

Even then, it comes with a set of restrictive rules that puts a ‘barrier’ between Allah and us.

The things we recite are verses that we were told memorise, but rarely do we truly talk to Allah about the troubles that are weighing down our hearts.

Because it feels awkward.

Thus when we are down and sad, we seek other means for comforting ourselves, but often they offer only temporary respite. We forget that true comfort lies only with Allah.

In this book, author Ayesha Syahira takes you on a Journey of spiritual discovery; of reconnecting with Allah wholeheartedly.

The author focuses on nurturing the lifestyle of talking to Allah; of finding comfort by making du’a to Him at any time of the day.

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